Friday, July 10, 2009

In opposition of President Zelaya

In opposition of President Zelaya By Joseph Parish

Should America support the return of the recently ousted Honduras President Manuel Zelaya? In all honesty, I would have to say “No”, Zelaya who was sent into exile only a week ago aptly deserved what he has sowed.

I feel that President Micheletti had every right to do what he did. No president should be allowed to revise a countries constitution without the proper support of the people themselves. Most constitutions were derived as a result of the consensus of the people of the country and as such they should be changed accordingly. No one man should take it upon himself to modify a constitution once it has been ratified and made into law.

Here we have a man who has been accused of at least 18 criminal acts against his country including those relating to treason and his failing to implement over 80 laws that were previously approved by Congress. This was not a spur of the moment event for it has taken place over a period of time from 2006 until now.

What has happened in Honduras was not in the strictest sense a coup for the military had the full backing of the Honduras' political establishment which would include Zelaya’s political party, the Supreme Court and members of the countries congress. This event should serve as a warning to all potential political leaders who show unrestrained political ambition towards changing a countries constitution.

No president regardless of where he is located should be above the rules established by the countries law makers. I would hope that if our current president were to go beyond the threshold of acceptability that our military leaders would do the same thing. It is up to our leaders in government and military to police themselves and correct errors of judgment relating to our elected officials.

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