Friday, June 26, 2009

We Support the Iran Protesters

June 26, 2009 - "We Support the Iran Protesters" By Joseph Parish

Currently as Americans we appreciate and know the true value of being able to protest. Notice my friends that I said currently as considering the present regime which is occupying the White House at this time that freedom experienced by all Americans may unexpectedly come to an abrupt halt in the not so distant future. This in that case would place us in a similar situation as the Iranian students.

As you are presently reading this article these students that are half way around the world are being subjected to various forms of inhuman treatment and in many cases they are out and out being killed, and why? They are being abused simply because they wanted an unhampered, free election and not one which is preset by the Iranian Supreme leader. They only desired the same courtesies as we ourselves would expect, an election that supports the premise of one person, one vote.

We as a freedom loving people must express our views to our leaders and request that they not recognize the current government of Iran. Here at Delmarva Survival Training we have many people from various locations around the world that visit our web site. In that respect, I thank them and hope that they have learned some useful and valued information that may assist them in their current predicament. We are certainly behind you 100 percent. In fact, I would like to extend an invitation to the student leaders that in the event that they need some additional technical type information, please let me know and I will try as I may to help you out. I realize that your funds are limited and your logistics are minor at best but feel free to ask for the information.

In the meantime I urge all my visitors to help how they can in this endeavor. If you are residing near an Iranian embassy please organize a band of peaceful protesters and express your opposition towards the tricksters who are currently in office and the way that the Iranian government is treating the students. Secondly, request that your country, where ever it may be, officially not recognize the Iranian leaders at this time. During the commission of any sort of coup around the world those leaders which have organized and initiated the take over always have one major idea in mind. That concept is to be recognized as the official leader of the country by all the foreign nations. Hopefully we can prevent this from occurring. In conclusion I wish the Iranian protesters and students all the luck in the world and for the worlds sake I hope they success.

Copyright 2009 Joseph Parish

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