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HR1444 Obama’s mandatory Volunteer Bill

June 10, 2009 - "HR1444 Obama’s mandatory Volunteer Bill" By Joseph Parish.

Just as many survivalist predicted Obama is about to initiate many changes that Americans around the world have fought and died to prevent. The House of Representatives has already passed HR 1388 known as the GIVE Act. This bill authorizes the creation of Obama’s voluntary youth corp. This particular program will be promoted within the American public school system across the entire continent. School children will be issued an official government sponsored uniform and will be sent to various camps where it is expected that they will learn the necessary basics needed for performing social service for the state and the federal government. This legislation was quietly passed by the House of Representatives on the 18th of March. This bill was only the initial Phase of Obama’s total plan. Now before the law makers is another bill that moves the presidents plans into stage II where it will more then likely receive the same wide spread support as the previous bill. Upon acceptance by the Senate Obama will officially sign the bill into law.

This bill authorizes a report to be generated on exactly how his program can be made into a MANDATORY action for ALL OF AMERICA’S YOUTHS to be activated at some future point in time. This is the concept behind phase II. The bill is expected to establish an additional program for adults which will make mandatory public service work for a specific number of weeks each year. This will be the phase III portion of the plan.

It appears that the hypnotized democrats that are in Congress applauded this legislation as a great piece of legislation for which all Americans can participate in the American tradition of volunteering for social duties. Few of our representatives seem to recall how in the past this exact program was known by several different names. During the 1800’s the volunteer labor program was known as an act of slavery and was actually abolished by the 13th Amendment to our Constitution. With the proposed selection of Judge Sotomayor for Obama's choice on the Supreme Court and given the idea that she may be confirmed it is likely that any objections to this ruling as unconstitutional would quickly be shot down.

The moment that one makes mandatory participation in a voluntary situation the act no longer falls under a volunteer type nature. In addition, who gives the government the right to recruit our children for social work? The nearest that I can compare this to is Hitler’s famous Youth Corp during World War II.

We have to ask ourselves what the state will be up to next. Are we to relive the effects of the Nazi regime where our children will be wearing a government designed and issued uniform, attend state sponsored indoctrination camps and be brainwashed with government proposed propaganda? Will we see the same actions start to take place in America as they did in Europe with the Jews or the Gypsies or in this case more so the social conservatives such as the Catholics or other anti-obama groups. Will we as survivalist start to be hunted down as a danger to the proposed Obama way of life?

I see this as only a stepping stone for a far off military plan as Obama once remarked during his July 2008 campaign speech where he held no bones about making it very clear that a youthful military division is eventually to take place as a security force.

As with most of his plans that he has initiated it is obviously that this man who was elected to the office of president of the United States is certainly one of two things. First he is out to destroy America and all that we stand for and second he is simply off his rocker. To sum up Obama’s way of imitating Hitler’s Youth corp. he plans for the following actions.
* 100 volunteer hours per year for teenagers
* A three month mandatory boot camp for those young people between the ages of 18 and 25
* Three years of total voluntary service for all adults and senior citizens.
I have one statement to throw back to our great socialist leader - YES WE CAN! With the help of all concerned Americans and patriots YES WE CAN contact our representatives and YES WE CAN insist that they set things right. I have taken the liberty of enclosing a links to the PDF version of the actual HR 1444 bill. Click below to review this bill.

Copyright @2009 Joseph Parish
PDF Version of HR1444 Click here

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  1. READ YOUR BIBLE folks! This is predicted! ALL of this is right out of the pages of Gods Word.
    We have been living in 'Sodom and Gomorrah' so long, that we don't even recognize it.
    OVER MY DEAD BODY will I or ANY of MY family "volunteer" OR be forced to be a part of this!!!